There are numbers of industry in and around Jhelum City. Major industries include a Tobacco factory, wood, marbel, glass and flour mills.

District Jhelum is quite poor in agriculture production. The major crop is wheat, annual average production of which during the period 2005-08 was 94.56 thousand M. Tons.

There are already 12 flour mills in district Jhelum. Therefore, establishment of additional flour mills is not advisable.

Fruit and vegetables are grown in small quantities which are not sufficient to meet the overall requirement of the district. Therefore, there exists very good potential for cold storage in the district, so that the vegetables/fruit purchased from other district would be preserved for short period to maintain regular supply in the local markets.

As per Punjab Development Statistics 2008, the population of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats was 167, 146, 59 and 303 thousand heads respectively. As regards poultry, there are 371 broiler and 80 layer poultry farms having rearing capacity of 6951 and 269 thousand birds respectively. The annual availability of hides and skins is estimated at 136 thousand pieces.

In view of relatively small size of livestock as compared to other district of Punjab, there exists good scope for organized dairy farms, cattle/goats/sheep fattening farms, cattle/poultry feed mills. Leather shoes and leather products unit can be established in the district.

District Jhelum is quite rich in minerals, Rock Salt, Brine, gypsum, coal are being excavated in the district.There are already three cement and one soda ash manufacturing units operating in the district, However, the industrial potential of Bentonite, Dolomite and Coal is not yet exploited.
After a careful study, a power generation unit based on Coal may be established. Bentonite/Dolomite processing units, Cooling / Iodonised / Pharmaceutical grade Salt manufacturing units also seems to be feasible projects.
In view of the cement factories operating in the district and making arrangement with WAPDA and Railway Departments, Concrete Railway Sleepers and Electric Poles manufacturing units possess very good prospects. The existing chip-Board/Ply-Wood Units suggest good prospects for Flush Door / Panels and Furniture Units.

Considering the localized requirements and existing industrial pattern in the district, there exists good scope for Body Building for Suzuki / other Pick-ups which are commonly used for transportation purposes, steel door / windows, protection grills, steel fabrication, desert coolers, gas appliances, brush manufacturing, laundry soaps, biscuits, etc.

Jhelum Manufacturer & Industry


Sr Company Name Business Address Tel # Authorized Representative
1. New Fazal Karim & Sons Iqbal Road Jhelum 611008 Shamshad Hussain Dar
2. ICI Pakistan Khewra Distt Jhelum 21495 Ali Asrar Hussain Aga
3. Pakistan Chip Board (Pvt) Ltd G.T.Road Jhelum 646581 Mirza Ali Bashir Ahmed
4. FC-Industries Plot #46, S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646700 Raja Muhammad Anwer
5. New Crown Engineering Works Plot #15, S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646988 Khalid Mehmmod Sial
6. Gujjar Marble 55-A S.I.E Rathian Jhleum


646422 Ch. Aftab Ahmed Hussain
7. M/S Noman Electric Industry


S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646468


Naeem Iqbal Chishti
8. M/S Mohsin Industry Plot No. 93-B S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646482 Haji Muhammad Zaheer
9. M/S Sajex International Plot No 138-141 S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646423 Khawaja Javed Mehmood
10. KDC Boards (Pvt) Ltd Off G.T.Road Jhelum 646555 Mian M.Naeem Basheer
11. Shandar Marble Factory S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646456 Muhammad Younas Gondal
12. Sunny Marble 90-B S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 3005424543 Iftikhar Ahmed Bhatti
13. Kashmir Enterprises S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646222 Abdur Rashid Darr
14. Baig Brothers Industries Plot # 3-B S.I.E, Rathian Jhelum 646588 Muhammad Younas Baig
15. Qazi Marble Factory


G.T.Road S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646333 Qazi Habib Ur Rehman
16. Hussnain Industries Plot No.52 S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 620307 Raja Waseem Nazam
17. Al-Miraj Flour Mills Kala Gujran Jhelum 623116 Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal
18. Minhas Wood Industries S.I.E Rathian Jhelum Muhammad Shakeel
19. M/S Raheel International Soap Factory S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646736 Raheel Kiyani
20. M/S United Engineering Works S.I.E.Rathian Jhelum 646448 Sheikh Muhammad Ishfaq
21. M/S Fine Engineering Works Block-12b S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 64644403009585700 Mushtaq Ahmed
22. M/S Al-Haider Chemicals 34-B Block-B, S.I.E Rathian Jhelum


647324 Ajmal Jameel
23. M/S Pakistan Bricks co. Rohtas Road Jhelum 625872 Muhammad Ikhlaq
24. M/S Taqwa Builders Office No. 28 2nd Flour Rasham plaza Jhelum Abdullah
25. M/S Ikhlaq Brick co. Rohtas Road Chak Badu Jhelum 629526 Tahir Saddique
26. M/S Al-Saleem Flour Mills S.I.E, Rathian Jhelum 646387 Muhammad Anjum Saleem Mir
27. M/S Shaheen Marble Plot No. B-36 S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 647224 Mirza Hassan Al Sabah
28. M/S Khan Jewellers Mangla Road Dina Jhelum 630484 Iftikhar Ahmed Khan
29. M/S Haq Bahu Jewellers Main Bazaar Jhelum 630803 Fida Hussain Arshad
30. M/S Arslan Marble Factory Small Industries Estate Rathian, Jhelum 649425 Abdul Rehman
31. M/S Meer Auto Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Plot No. 79-C Block –A S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 64665 Tahir Hussain
32. M/S Supreme Elastic Industries Plot No. 21-22 S.I.E Rathian Jhelum 646481 Haji Abdul Ghafoor
33. Rani Ghee Mills Ltd Rani Nagar G.T.Road Jhelum 646533 A.Rehman Raja