Jhelum- The City of Soldiers

The city is called a city of soldiers as a large number of soldiers in the Pakistan Army are from Jhelum. Jhelum is situated in the Jhelum district of Punjab province. The river Jhelum is at the right of the city and originates from the Himalayas. It is a historical city famous for the archeological billets. The city is subtropical with intense summers and cold winters.

During the past few years, the city has experienced a huge growth, has expanded and developed due to numerous emerging industries (tobacco, wood, marble, glass, flour mills) which have set up factories and their base in Jhelum. It is connected to many other major cities because of its commercial importance.


Top 3 places to visit in Jhelum

  1. Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Masjid Jhelum

Located in Jhelum Cantt, the white marbled mosque is one of its kinds. It is designed in accordance to Islamic art and architecture. It was built back in 1950 and inaugurated by General Muhammad Ayub Khan. Apart from being beautiful, it has a huge capacity to accommodate more than 25,000 worshippers at once.

  1. Rohtas Fort

The Rohtas Fort is a popular historical landmark built in the 16th century on the orders of Raja Todar Mal. It is very big and made of strong sand stone and brick walls that stand until today. It has 12 gates to enter/exit from, staircases and terraces. It is definitely worth a visit and exciting for history enthusiasts.

  1. Major Akram Shaheed Memorial Park

This is a botanical garden in the center of the city. The Park has alluring floral arrangements and lush green forestry. Major Muhammad Akram Memorial Library is also a part of this park, and consists of a wide collection of literature.