Mangla Dam

The Mangla Dam is located on the Jhelum River about 30 km from Jhelum, it is the twelfth largest dam in the world. The project was designed and supervised by Binnie & Partners of London and it was built by Mangla Dam Contractors. It was constructed in 1967 across the Jhelum River.

There is the Mangla View Resort that is the first planned resort development in Pakistan to offer residences, villas, townhouses, hotels, serviced apartments & retail outlets. The resort is located on a 340-acre site on the Mangla Dam area.

The Mangla Dam was the first of the two dams constructed to reduce this shortcoming and strengthen the irrigation system of the country as part of the Indus Basin Project, the other being Tarbela Dam on River Indus. Mangla Dam was constructed at a cost of Rs. 15.587 billion with the funding being provided by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.