Ostrich Farm Sanghoi Jhelum


16 KM away from Jhelum on road to PD Khan

Area enclosure 14 Acers
Breed  African Black
Total Strength Adult and Young 125
Height 06 Feet
Feeding 02 Kg Concentrate and 01 Kg Green fodder
Mortality 10%
Eggs Production 60-65 per year
Weight Egg 1.45 kgs
Age at lying 1.50 years
Meet Sold Rs. 3000/- per kg
Skin Sold Rs. 25000/-

Pak Ostrich Company Breeding Farm Dina (Commercial)


Dina City on the road to Mangla

Breed available African Black
Other Breeds 1. Blue Neck 2. Saudi Arabian 3. Red Neck
Cost of feeding Per chick per year to attain weight of 100 kg
Cost of day old chick Rs. 11000/-
Cost of old chick Rs. 12000/-
Total Expenses Rs. 23000/-
Cost of Skin Rs. 19000/-
Sale of meat Rs. 800/- to Rs. 1000/- per kg
Income Rs. 67000/-
Profit Rs. 67000/- Rs.23000/-
Per Animal Rs. 44000/-

Note: Ostrich has been declared as livestock on 14th January 2012

Note: Source of above information is District Government Jhelum Portal