Perfect Places in Pakistan to Go on Your First Date

There was a time when dating was considered a taboo in Pakistan. However, in the midst of a social revolution, which has been triggered by many factors, things are changing. One of the main factors which have  paved way for dating is the advent of Internet.

This is because introduction of 3G and 4G internet technologies have tremendously improved and increased social connections via various social networking websites.The increase in social relationships have further increased the demand for social networking places where they can meet their better half. Not only are youngsters looking out for dating spots, but newly engaged (or even married!) couples are also searching for places where they can spend some quality time with their beloved.

To help all those people who are new to the dating arena, Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of places in Pakistan where you can go on your first date.



  • Nueplex


If your girl is someone who loves to watch movies, then what is better than going to one of the best movie theater in town. Moreover, you can also have a great time by going on the various, fun-filled rides at Nueplex.


  • Art Gallery at Frere Hall


If you and your date are art lovers, then the art gallery at Frere Hall is a must visit for you. By visiting this gallery, not only will you get to see various art paintings but both of you will be able to make a greater connection because of your mutual love of art.


  • Arena


Are you a fan of recreational activities who is looking out to have a good time with your date? If yes,then Arena is one of the best places to hang out in Karachi. There are various recreational activities which you can engage in with your date including ice skating, bowling, paintball and arcade games.

  • Arts Council

Who said that recreational activities are the only way to have a great time on your date? You can also go to places which speak of serenity. Arts Councils offer a chance to young lovebirds to share their ideas and connect at a greater level by getting indulged in literary readings.



  • Lahore Gymkhana


A social sports club for all those sports lovers out there. Even if you aren’t then that’s okay. The best part of going out on a date at this place is that you don’t have to be a member of Gymkhana in order to chill. A walk around the golf course or tennis courts will be a good way to know more about your date. Just beware of the retired uncles chilling out at the gymkhana.


  • Lahore Museum


Dating is not only about having a good time with your date but it’s also about  understanding your partner. The serene environment of the Lahore Museum, which is the largest museum in the country, serves as a great place to share your thoughts about various historical artifacts.




  • Shakar Pariyan


This popular tourist destination in the capital city of Pakistan is also a popular dating site where couples meet. The serene atmosphere and the jaw-dropping beauty of the place make it a perfect dating spot.


  • Pir Sohawa


Despite it being a village in the Margalla Hills, it serves as a perfect dating spot.  Not only does it provide spectacular views of the mountains but the of the Rawal dam as well. One can divulge into mouth-watering cuisine at the nearby Monal restaurant with your date and create a lasting impression on them. A word of caution: if you are afraid of height, then this place is not recommended.

If you have any other places where one can head out on a first date, then do share it with us in the comments section below.